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Quest: I Hope This Ends...
Myth looked around in horror. One moment he had been sleeping next to his handler in a cave and now he was staring into the face of a giant dog-faced noodle. He yelped and jumped to his paws then his the ground hard as he tripped over his sleeping handler still wrapped in her sleeping back, the only thing that seemed normal in this entire situation.
"What in the world Myth!" Sakari sat up, shooting an annoyed and confused look at the merle. "Myth, there is nothing to panic about. This cave is perfectly safe and if you heard a noise it was probably you kicking a rock..." In her rant she had failed to notice the change of scenery and their extra companion that definitely did not seem real at first. "Where are we?"
"We'll you're in Fantasia." The dog-faced noodle spoke up making Myth shimmer back and hide behind his stunned handler. She was not normally easily stunned, but this was a whole new level of strange.
"Fantasia?" She asked. The name was not familiar, she knew of mo real place th
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Hunt: Hisssss
The trio trotted through the park, looking around. The lakeside park had recently attracted flocks of Canadian geese. As much as they were beautiful, they were also causing all sorts of problems for park-goers. Parents had stopped bringing their children and were sending complaints of all kinds to those in charge of the park maintenance. The ads went out and they were searching for help to stabilize the number of geese at the park.
They stopped a little ways away and watched the geese that seemed to blanket the shore. Many of them were quiet, just laying around or sleeping in the shade of the trees as the afternoon sun shone overhead. It was a warm day and they did not seem too active, but the tokotas knew better then that. Elkay and Saeros joined Norori, sitting down next to him as they made their plan of attack. The aggressive birds seemed quite tame and Saeros tilted her head as she watched them. Elkay seemed to be counting them as he waited for the other two, trying to figure out a
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Tracking (LP): Rouge Moose
Radoslav eyed the moose as it dipped it's muzzle into the water. He hid among the thick underbrush lining the body of water and waited patiently for a moment as he psyched himself up to pounce. His prey was actually taller then him, though not by much, it still proved a challenge. He eyed the large racks nervously, wondering how much those would hurt if the moose were to charge him.
Two more pairs of eyes watched the moose eagerly, waiting for the right moments to strike. Yonda was thinking about the coolest way to finish the hunt, making the kill with style. She looked around for anything to leap from, anything to hide in, anything that would make her hunt far more interesting. No one may have been watching, but she wanted it to be creative and fascinating anyways.
Eryn stalked around the body of water, sticking to the thick underbrush that cluttered the forest floor. She was trying to decide how to move forward, how to strike most efficiently. The moose lifted its head and scanned ar
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Quest: Did You Hear?
"So you want to travel all the way to the Village of Hearth just to see this mysterious thing everyone is talking about?" Svana shot Beowulf a quizzical look. "That is a long ways to go just to see something that might not be there." She added. She wasn't sure about turning back. They had been heading in the other direction, exploring Ulfrheim as thoroughly as they could, but this strange sighting peaked Wulf's interest enough to want to send him flying back in the other direction just to see for himself.
"We should see it with our own eyes. Check it out for ourselves. That is exactly why we should turn back to check it out. Blindly calling this news true or false would be foolish." Beowulf felt bad for making them turn back to check out these rumors, but he wanted to be one of the first to go and confirm the news stretching across the island like wildfire.
They changed their course and traveled the trails back towards the village on the shore. The ghostly ships could be seen as they a
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Fishing: A Slithering Surprise
They trotted over the hill and towards the lake surrounded by tundra. It was a man made lake and not very deep, but it had some fish in it. They thought the water would also be refreshing, but with the warmth of the summer day and the shallowness of the lake it was not as cold as they thought it would be. As they reached the shores they placed down the tightly woven baskets they had carried in their mouths. Each one would carry about ten medium sized fish.
Norori glanced up at the unhindered sky, disappointed by the lack of shade as the cloud was mostly clear, only a couple fluffy white clouds seemed to slowly float across the sky. He sighed and stepped into the water, only to be double disappointed that the water was actually warm, not providing much comfort from the summer sun that blazed down upon them. Elkay and Saeros were also not impressed with the temperature of the water. Their thicker coats making the summer heat even more intense for them then for the short maned dire.
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Inugami x Aberdeen
Aberdeen found it was too hot to join the other tokotas in their wrestling and play-fighting. She watched from the treeline for a while before turning around and heading into the thick shade of the forest behind her. She hunted instead for the victory of finding a cool place to nap, not the victory of a game. The thick canopy provided shade from the sun above, unhindered by clouds as there was not a single one to be seen.
Inugami wandered through the forest. He had just eaten and was in no hurry to get anywhere. He just casually strolled through the shade of the forest as the sun reached its peak in the sky. His thick fur was more of a hindrance then a help on days like this. He sighed as rounded a corner and soon found his face hit the dirt and a yelp sounded in his ear.
Brown eyes met fur as Inugami and Aberdeen stared at each other. The yeti had been sleeping in the shade of the tree, not expecting to be tripped over by some strange tokota. Inugami could say similarly, minding his o
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Hunt: Gobble Gobble Gobble
The trio was stationed in the field, watching for signs of the troublesome critters driving the poor farmer up the wall. The farmer had been trying to get rid of the wild turkeys as they kept going after his wheat, but his attempts had been in vain. The turkeys kept returning and he eventually put up an ad asking for some hunters to come to his farm to hunt the troublesome birds. Saeros, Elkay, and Norori were brought in to help. They sat in the field, waiting for the birds to return, holding still like statues as they patiently watched for where they might be hiding. The mostly grown wheat was pretty tall already, making it easy for the turkeys to hide and scurry through. It would be impossible to tell how many turkeys could be hiding within the crop.
"Get away from my crops!" The farmer had been yelling as the commissioned group approached. He was running through the fields with a rake, chasing after birds that appeared, disappeared, and reappeared from among the partially grown crop
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Quest: Helping The Pirates?
Shallyaa had not been expecting anything interesting to happen that day. As she took Katya and Wick out to a field near the ocean to work on liberty and obedience training, though much of it looked like a dance. At least it looked like a dance when Shallyaa and Katya practiced. Wick was not as practiced as the elegant long maned tokota. Wick would stop and stare in confusion at Shallyaa's hands when she did not understand the signal, and she stumbled on word commands she was still learning. Shallyaa was mainly out there to practice and train with Wick. The day was slightly cloudy and a decently strong wind tugged at the figures in the field.
She now stood behind her tokotas, Katya growling and ready to strike, Wick was frozen and staring intensely, wearily, at the intimidating figures before them. The ship had come out of nowhere it seemed and a few of the ship's crew rowed to shore on a small boat. Shallyaa stopped and froze. She was tempted to hop up on Katya's back and take off, not
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Tracking (SP): Raccoon Rumble
"So what are we looking for today?" Bastille asked, looking from her father to Vurdem, bouncing along to keep up with the older Felvargs.
"To be honest, we are not sure. We are just looking to see what we find, tracking fresh scents in hopes of a good catch." Vurdem replied. Locarian nodded in agreement. They periodically stopped to sniff the air in search of prey. Bastille tried to copy them, though she was not entirely sure what was fresh and what was stale, she was still trying to just distinguish the scents in her head first. She tried following one of the trails and didn't even notice the adults following her as she weaved through the trees, wondering if she was on to something or not. Vurdem chuckled and Locarian grinned as they followed in amusement, letting the pup attempt to track. The trail she picked led her to a small dirt tunnel among the roots of a tree. She peaked in, sticking her head in as far as it would go without getting stuck in the earthy space.
"What have you fou
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Tracking (SP): Not So Sleepy Sheep
"What are we going to hunt?!" Bastille bounced around the two adults as they trotted along through fields and over hills.
"You need to whisper Little Bee. They might hear you." Locarian chuckled at her excitement. She quickly shut her mouth and nodded, though she soon opened her mouth again to asked another question, this time more quietly.
"Are we that close to our prey already?" She looked around trying to spot whatever it was they were after, but she did not see anything as they reached the next hill and started to climb the easy grassy slope.
"Almost, we can smell them, but not yet see them." Vurdem answered her question.
"What are we smelling?" She asked. The scent she picked up was different, but she could not place an image to the scent, or a name. She kept drawing blanks as she went over the list of creatures she knew the scents for and none of them seemed to be what they were going after. She wrinkled her face as she tried to think and it eventually molded into a pouty face, m
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Tracking (SP): Down The Rabbit Hole
"Alright, so firstly, you must be very quiet." Locarian whispered to his daughter. Bastille looked up at him eagerly, excited to be taken on a tracking expedition by her father. Vurdem tagged along to help out and to watch, though he also loved to give tips.
"And stay low, the less they see of you the better." Vurdem added.
"True, and stay downwind of your target." Bastille tilted her head in confusion at her father's last sentence.
"What does it mean to stay downwind?" She asked, looking from one male to the other.
"You know how you can smell the rabbits on the wind?" Vurdem asked, receiving a nod from the pup. "That is because they are upwind from us. We are currently downwind. Being downwind allows us to smell them, but they can't smell us." She seemed to have a look of realization on her face.
"So if we stay downwind we can hide better?" Bastille wanted to confirm.
"Correct! Though that does not mean they won't hear you or see you once you get closer." Locarian replied.
"Alright, l
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Adventure: The Crystal Caves
"So we are going to a cave?" Bastille looked to her father and Vurdem. She did not seem impressed by the idea, after seeing multiple caves she was not expecting much and was not all too excited to see the cave.
"Yes, but this is not just any cave." Vurdem grinned. He seemed excited to be sharing something with the father and daughter pair, hoping to turn it into a fun adventure for the trio. He trotted along with a skip in his step.
"I hope this is actually as cool as you claim it is Vurdem." Locarian lifted a brow and still seemed skeptical of the other Felvarg's claims.
"You've never been there daddy?" Bastille seemed stunned by the thought and looked at her father in awe. A place her father didn't know about, now that seemed a little more interesting then it had before.
"I have not Little Bee. This was all Vurdem's idea." Locarian replied, flicking his head to the side to emphasize it was all Vurdem's idea. Bastille looked from her brute of a father to the much smaller male, though
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Adventure: Salt
"Where are we going?" Bastille was bouncing around the two adult males, eager to reach the place where they were taking her. Without knowing where they were going she could not just run off ahead like she would have done if she knew the way. She didn't recognize the area though and was extremely excited to see the place they kept telling her was a surprise.
"It's a surprise Basset." Vurdem chuckled as he repeated himself for the hundredth time since they started on their trip.
"But I can't wait!" She whined.
"Oh? You can't can you?" Locarian lifted a brow and grinned down at his daughter.
"No! I can't! If I don't find out soon I'll keel over from excitement!" Bastille replied. She run ahead a little ways and then ran back, having no idea which way to even attempt until they suddenly left the path behind and entered the brush. She stuck close as her father moved through the foliage easily, making a way for her to follow him. Vurdem followed behind the two and was the firs to mention the
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Adventure: Careful Where You Step
"Look daddy! I am taller then you!" Bastille puffed out her chest as she stood on a boulder, using it to gain some extra height.
"What happened to my Little Bee?!" Locarian pretended to be surprised and sad that 'his little girl was all grown up'. Then he smiled. "You are supposed to stay my Little Bee forever." He pounced up onto the boulder and the puppy's little competition turned into a game of tag. Vurdem finally joined them, right on time. He sat at the bottom of the rocky slope and waited for the father and daughter pair to notice him. Locarian reached the bottom of the hill first and sat in front of Vurdem as they two chatted about their plans for an adventure. Bastille was still playing among the rocks and boulders, climbing from one to another.
On the other side of the mountain was a beautiful flower field they intended to bring Bastille to see. This old rock slide was their first hurdle, they would climb over it and find a path. The path used to reach all the way down t
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Adventure: Night Lights
"Come on daddy!" Little Bastille was running circles around the two adults, trying to hurry her father Locarian along.
"Alright Little Bee, alright. We'll get there soon enough." Locarian replied, smiling at his daughter. The little puppy stared up at him with a pout on her face, clearly in a hurry.
"But we'll miss it!" she whined.
"You won't miss it Basset. It's not even dark yet." Vurdem chuckled at the little puppy's eagerness to explore.
"But I want to be the first to see them!" Bastille was bouncing around as the two males looked at each other.
"We'll probably be the only ones there Little Bee." Locarian stated.
"There is no guarantee. What if others get there before we do?! They'll get to be the first to see it and they'll get mad at us for scaring away the fireflies!" Bastille jumped up and wrapped her little puppy legs around one of her father's front legs. "Come on!"
"Alright Basset, we will go." Locarian and Vurdem stood and followed the puppy as she raced down the
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Fishing: Dealing With Lazy Oafs
"It's such a lovely evening to fish!" Oakley trotted along next to Ink who was smiling and enjoying the colors of the setting sun. As the day began to cool they decided it was a good time to fish. The lake reflected the colors of the sky as they approached. Carp followed right behind Oakley and Ink, looking very unimpressed at being dragged along on their little fishing trip. It was quiet as the night fell and Carp just wanted to sleep while Oakley had some fresh fish on his mind. Ink was more then happy to help out Oakley with his fishing trip, though she was expecting the other two to help her as much as they could.
"It is a lovely evening indeed." Ink stopped for a moment to admire the sight before continuing on. Oakley and Carp didn't get a chance to pause themselves before she was moving again towards the water's edge.
"You ready Carp?" Oakley looked back at the larger felvarg. Carp grunted, looking obviously annoyed and, in a way, tired as well. "I'll just take that as a yes." Oa
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Nar, Naranda, Nara, Narnia
I love reading and RPing, I mainly like fantasy and adventure, romance can sometimes bore me. I like to write and have many short stories on my personal character websites. I don't post them around all that often unless looking for story art. Feel free to ask if you would like to see them and maybe I'd be willing to share some of them.
I want to learn more about art and hopefully with some practice I can learn.
There are a few things from the current Felvarg minisale I would love to get so I am going to try and earn a little USD to purchase some things, or if you buy the item for me I can offer the equivalent of the USD price in Activity Rolls.

I will do activity rolls for various ARPGs, I am most comfortable with Felvargs and Tokotas, but I can attempt rolls for other ARPGs as well. Just let me know what ARPG you want and please be prepared to answer any questions I may have involving said ARPG.
1 Activity Roll = 5$ USD

Feel free to ask about other forms of literature such as POCs, AoAs, Quests, etc. Some of these options may be more expensive though due to the greater length and sometimes more limited freedom in terms of prompts and locations, but I might be willing to attempt them.

  • You pay me with USD for the rolls and I go and purchase the item myself. Depending on how large your order is I might not have it all complete before the end of the sale so there may have to be some trust I will get the rolls done for you even if I have to make the purchase before I am done in order to not miss the sale.
  • You purchase the item/geno for me and hold on to it until I finish the activity rolls for you. Once I have finished the rolls you can send the item or transfer the geno to me.
What I am looking for:
In order of most wanted to least.
  • 1-2 of RR T4 + Maybe 3 RRF Option (85-100$ Each)
  • 1-2 of the Sanna's Grasp Background (25$ Each)
  • 1 Rune of Mutation (30$)
  • 1 of the Lake Reisa Background (25$)
  • 1 of the Path of the Fallen Background (25$)
  • 2-3 Tier 3 Full Slots (45$ Each)
  • Maybe Companions (Ones I want most listed below)(25$ Each)
    • Beaver
    • Squirrel
    • Black Cat Companion
    • Flame Bitten Snake
    • Iced Snake
    • Cloverscale
    • Snow Leopard
    • Turkey Companion
    • Hopps
    • Skeleton Cat
I could also add on Tokota breeding slots or Genos as partial payment as well, or full payment if you prefer Toko slots or Genos. If interested then just let me know when commenting below which slots/genos you want as partial payment. (Slots and Genos are not open for anything else at the moment besides Fel things from the above list and USD.) Please comment on this journal and not the usual place or on those journals.
Toko Slots for Sale or Trade (Closed)Rules:
Permissions will only be written once I receive full payment unless discussed otherwise.For activity roll or breeding image deals:These are NOT FCFS! Please show me examples (art or writing)I must be kept in the loop. I'll only hold up to 2 weeks and if I haven't heard anything from you the deal will be off.You may include other characters in the pieces if you wish as long as my requests are met (prompts, ROK, etc.)Please don't be mad if I don't accept your offer.Slots may not be resold, traded, or gifted without my permission.Please reply to the correct comments linked below under the "Will Also Accept/Consider" list.
Will Also Accept/Consider:ARPG CurrencyToko TokensFelvarg Currency (Felcredits, Runcoins, etc.)Breeding Slot TradesTokotasFelvargsRealm-of-Kitsunari DracoStryx Ketucari Activity RollsTokotasFelvargsDracostryxBreeding ImagesTokota AoAsTack/Companions/TraitsTokotasFelvargsMight accept other valuable Tokota or Felvarg things, just of
  Unwanted Toko Genos (Closed)Rules:
Genos will only be transferred once I receive full payment unless discussed otherwise.Do not be mad if I decline your offer for those not FCFS.For activity roll or breeding image deals:I must be kept in the loop. I'll only hold up to 2 weeks and if I haven't heard anything from you the deal will be off.You may include other characters in the pieces if you wish as long as my requests are met (prompts, ROK, etc.)Please reply to the correct comments linked below under the "Accepting" list.
USD / DA PointsARPG CurrencyToko TokensFelvarg Currency (Felcredits, Runcoins, etc.)Geno/Import TradesTokotasFelvargsRealm-of-Kitsunari DracoStryx Ketucari Activity RollsTokotasFelvargsDracostryxBreeding ImagesTokota AoAsTack/Companions/TraitsTokotasFelvargsMight accept other valuable Tokota or Felvarg things, just offer and we will see.
Reply Chains
For Offer Genos, reply HERE

Comment below with all the information needed for the rolls and if you are paying with USD or if you wish to purchase the item(s) from the shop and send them to me after I complete the rolls. Please let me confirm we have a deal before purchasing the item unless you are offering it as an item you bought but changed your mind about or got a companion you didn't want.



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